Things at Concordia, 23 of Them

Thing 4 – Digital Footprint

Searching for my name results in a lot of what I’d expect. Sites with higher PR, etc. show up first. Always odd when spam-like sites occasionally show up further down the SERPs that are designed to get people clicking on them. I turn off many of my phone settings that are not required for what I want to do. However, in many cases this degrades the richness of the features the phone provides. If these are not valuable or useful to you, it’s a good trade-off.   … Continue Reading →

Thing 3 – Visitor vs. Resident

These are lists of some behaviours that I do, which might be placed along the Internet “visitor” or “resident” spectrum according to White and Le Cornu’s Visitors and Residents: A new typology for online engagement. It’s useful to consider these behaviours but I think their article could have made some more significant points than they ventured. Visitor manage finances book travel order food delivery pay taxes and parking tickets find definitions Resident write in my blogs partic … Continue Reading →

First Thing’s First

Posts in this blog category are for participating in Concordia’s first 23 Things. The first thing activity is to send a colleague a link to one of Educause’s 7 Things You Should Know About. I found this 7 Things You Should Know About Learning Engineering which talks about engineering design principles for instruction. I sent it to my engineering subject librarian colleague. :-) … Continue Reading →