The Start

I needed a place to post some thoughts on things taking place in the IT world and I didn’t want my other sites to be mixed with those issues, hence my newest blog. Blogs appear to be a communication necessity now (sort’ve wonder if they may someday be able to replace e-mail, we could use them with private sections and private trackbacks). I’ve experimented with blogs in a number of ways for the past several years but it wasn’t until I recently read Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s book, Naked Conversations, that I got inspired to begin using an RSS newsreader (actually I’m using both akregator and liferea) to keep track of a lot of blogs. After religiously reading these blogs for the last few months, I can’t not be part of the conversation anymore.

The company I work for, TEC (which has blogging on its horizon too), is in the process of developing a new decision support knowledge base addressing health care information management systems. I’ve been working on its structure today and noticed the analyst used an interesting acronym, ADL, which stands for the “activity of daily living”. I can’t help but wonder why the world needs such an acronym, can’t I just, err, live? It reminds of an article I saw linked in a blog yesterday (unfortunately I’ve forgotten which blog now), discussing a new wave of corporate buzzwords.

In any case, I’m sure ADL is an important technical term to the HCIMS industry (in a short bit I’ll probably know why). For the time being, I think I’ll just note that blogging has become a part of my ADL.

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